Mission Statement


It shall be the mission of the fire department to be engaged in the protection of the lives and safety of all people entrusted to our protection, the prevention and suppression of fire, and the preservation of property, by responding to fires, other emergencies, public education and code enforcement.







Carbon Monoxide

The Ridgewood Fire Department would like to remind you that CO is an odorless, colorless and potentially deadly gas that is created by incomplete combustion. All natural gas, fuel oil (home heating oil), propane fuels as well as gasoline engines (cars, lawn mowers, snow blowers, etc) are sources that produce carbon monoxide. The danger of carbon monoxide greatly increases over the winter due to doors and windows being closed and heaters/furnaces operating. It is recommended that all homes have at least one carbon monoxide detector per floor especially outside the bedrooms. If your detector activates, immediately dial 9-1-1 and exit the home. If assistance is needed in placing a carbon monoxide detector in your home, please contact our Fire Prevention Bureau at 201.444.7898. Also, additional information can found on First Alert’s website: http://www.firstalert.com/faqs/co-alarm



The Ridgewood Fire Department would like to remind our residents that power lines are dangerous. If you find a power line on the ground or hanging low, do not approach or attempt to move the wire. Power lines that come in contact with trees, fences, cars or any other object can cause that object to become energized. Power lines that are dead can become energized at anytime causing severe injuries or death if you are in contact with any of the above objects. If you see a power line down or an area marked off with yellow caution tape, please stay clear for your own safety.