Most people think little about the fire hydrants throughout the Village, other than it’s a good place to walk the dog to.  Actually, fire hydrants are a very important device to the Village and community.  It is the Fire Department’s only water source and is necessary to them, to save lives and protect property and woodlands.

When a fire is reported, the Fire Department looks at a map to find the closest hydrant to the fire before responding.  When they get there, they must be able to find the hydrant very quickly and every second counts during a fire, especially when there is a rescue of a person needed.  When things block their view, (i.e. snow, cars, trucks, dumpsters, construction equipment, garbage, etc.), it could take minutes to find them. Once found, they may not be able to be used if blocked by a vehicle etc.

In winter months, snow covering them is a very serious problem.  During high snowfall winters, the fire hydrants could be covered by as much as 4 feet of snow.  This would make them impossible to find.  Even a moderate snow fall can completely cover them, as they are located on the curb line, where snow plows pile up the snow.  So even if the hydrant was found after several minutes, it would take many more minutes to clear them for use.

Year round, the hydrant should be checked periodically for damage or missing caps, from (i.e. vehicle accident, construction or road work, vandalism or theft etc.) Also the hydrant should be checked for leaks (i.e. dripping from the hydrant, seeping up from the ground or roadway, muddy soil around hydrant or continuous puddle in the street near it.)   If a problem is found call the Ridgewood Fire Department at 201-444-4225

If a vehicle, truck, dumpster or object is found blocking ANY Fire Hydrant report it to the Ridgewood Police Department at 201-652-3900

We are asking that you help us by keeping the fire hydrant closest to your residence or in your neighborhood clear of snow.  We need a three-foot path leading from the street to the hydrant and a three-foot path around the hydrant. When shoveling snow be aware of vehicle traffic. Do not stand in the street and be careful not to slip and fall out into the roadway.

To adopt-a-hydrant, go to and fill out the Hydrant Adoption Papers. Then keep the hydrant clear of snow during the winter months. Also year round, keep hydrants free of overgrowth (i.e. grass, weeds, plants, bushes and trees.) check for damage, leaks, and missing caps etc. For doing this, you will receive a hydrant adoption certificate along with our sincere thanks. Citizens and civic groups (Boy Scouts, etc.) can “adopt” a hydrant or hydrants in their neighborhood. If you have any questions, please contact the Ridgewood Fire Department at 201-444-8822